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To identify António Fragoso as an imortal composer worldwide


ASSOCIAÇÃO ANTÓNIO FRAGOSO (AAF) is a non-profit, cultural institution, founded in January 2009, whose main goals are the study, revision, edition and diffusion of the musical and literary pieces of work left by António Fragoso. These last ones are still unpublished and also have a great value.

AAF was created by a group of fellow countrymen and relatives who didn’t want his unique artistic and cultural heritage to be forgotten. Unfortunately, António Fragoso only lived for twenty one years, in a country where there are very few valuable references in classical music.

For almost eight last years, the Associação has held a great variety of concerts, as well as the International Conference “António Fragosos and his Time”, together with Universidade Nova de Lisboa. This conference made a significant contribution to  increasing awareness of Fragoso and his work significantly and, at the same time, it allowed to imagine what he might have been if his life had been longer.

The main goal of the AFF is to leave his total legacy, fully studied, published and recorded so that his memory and his work will last in time and become a valuable legacy for the coming generations.

When we refer to Fragoso’s work, we mainly consider his music compositions which, in spite of his youth, reveal his unique and surprisingly promising genius. All of them will soon be, in this site, at the disposal of all the musicians and music lovers who wish to have them.

Fragoso’s literary work, which has remained unpublished until now, is also very interesting because it unveils the culture and personality of its author and, at the same time, shows a very thorough insight of the Portuguese cultural atmosphere at the beginning of the twentieth century. This work is currently being published by the University of Coimbra Press, as well as a new biography of the composer written by the Pontifical Gregorian University professor Barbara Aniello.

Associação António Fragoso has organized a great number of concerts (more than four hundred in these past eight years) in which, apart from Fragoso’s music, pieces of work from other composers, considered immortal, have been played.

The Associação has also created a Teaching Department upon which two academies were founded. The first, dedicated to the initiatory teaching, based on the pedagogical method of practice and experience and the latter, the International Music Academy“ Aquiles Delle Vigne”, created through a partnership with the Belgian association Musici Artis, teaching piano at the highest category. This one is attended by young pianists, mainly foreigners, who search for excellence in their performances. These students have been distinguished with the highest prizes in international competitions, demonstrating the perfection of the Academia´s teaching. Nowadays it is an autonomous academy and the AAF maintains a straight connection with the A2DV, the name of the society that rules it.

Nowadays António Fragoso is played more than ever before, both in Portugal and abroad. We hope that the centenary celebrations of his death will bring a new boost to his propagation. In Portugal, ninety concerts will be held and fourteen more abroad and all his work will be published. Thus, we do hope that Fragoso’s genius will be recognized worldwide and that his work will endure for generations to come, confirming his immortality.



Pocariça, 21st October 2017