Preludes Eternal Music



ETERNAL MUSIC   : Pensées Extatiques (Aquiles Delle Vigne)

                                       : Préludes (Manuel Araújo)

                                       : Caleidoscope (Ilaria Loatelli):

                                       :  Dance (Xaoxi Wu) in production

This series of records has a well-defined objective: to show to the world that António Fragoso had composer skills identical or similar to those of great composers, such as Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Mahler, Gershwin, Mozart, Ravel, Fauré and many other so-called Immortals . Each of these thematic discs has one or more tracks with music by Fragoso, which are presented together with those of other musicians. It is a way to compare and in this comparison Fragoso does not appear diminished, despite its short life span.